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Wood Floor Sanding

Wood floor sanding removes any pre-existing oils, wax, paint or varnish from the wood, leaving a smooth, pristine surface ready for your choice of finish to be applied.

The wood floor sanding process

Good preparation can have a huge impact the final result this is why we take the time to fill any holes or knots, remove unwanted staples and nails, and replace damaged floor boards where necessary before we will commence sanding.

To find out more about floor preparation see the wood floor repairs and gap filling pages.

We typically use a 7 stage process starting with a coarse sand paper and finishing with a fine sand paper.

If the floor is badly stained, discoloured or covered in paint, we will remove this with a coarse sand paper. This process cleans the wood but will leave it with a very rough finish.

We then apply increasingly finer grades of sand paper to achieve a clean, scratch free smooth finish.

Floor2restore specialises in sanding all hardwood and softwood floors, including wood block floors and parquet block floors.

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